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(Belated) Comic Review: Guardians of the Galaxy #23

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis; Artist: Valerio Schiti; Colors: Jason Keith

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis; Artist: Valerio Schiti; Colors: Jason Keith

We left last issue with Drax Venom ready to strike. Pretty scary thought when you think about it. Drax is a little off his rocker and then Venom is a dangerous and unstable being. No one knows what exactly it’ll do when it’s away from Flash Thompson, especially Flash (or Eugene…hee hee).

After two issues we find out where the symbiote was’s home “planet” made up completely of, you guessed it, symbiotes. Flash’s intrigue and necessity to look into these beings was great. I’m sure that he has millions of questions about this leg-providing, super-soldier symbiote. Opinions on whether to leave or stay, fight or engage peacefully are debated and some change their mind during the discussion. Flash lets them “take” him and we find out the only way they can communicate is to bond with a host, temporarily (they say).

Most of the team is hesitant but Groot is eager. We find out a little history about the symbiotes:

They are actually a peaceful species but they search for the perfect hosts and we all know that is hard to manage. They are warriors and if the host is good and virtuous, they create the most noble, badass warrior. If noooooot, then things turn sour. The further away from their collective, the harder it is for the symbiote to maintain it’s “sanity” so to speak. 

Ever since Flash Thompson’s symbiote returned to space it’s been a little wonky. There’s a neat scene when they arrive on the planet and the symbiote acknowledges Flash and it’s respect for him. He is then rewarded by the collective of symbiotes with a revamped symbiote they’ve “upgraded.” The Guardians received a cleansing themselves of any and all ailments they had. How nice of it.

The new Venom design is pretty sweet. It recalls classic symbiote but is noticeably updated. The face and neck area have what looks like an integrated helm, while the rest of the suit runs smooth from the central white spider. Plus, when Flash isn’t in galactic warrior mode, the suit turns into some military BDU-like garb (boots and pants).

There’s a big WHAT!?! at the end for the Guardians. Captain Marvel seems upset about it, or at least shocked. I like how she’s been muscling around Spartax and the region while the Guardians have been out on their adventures after breaking out of jail and peril earlier in the volume. 

Coming up is The Black Vortex saga. I’ll collect all of those and do one big review. I have read the lead in from Legendary Star-Lord and I have a couple issues to review of that so we’ll see what more information I find out about this mysterious artifact.