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(Belated) Comic Review: Guardians of the Galaxy #21

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis; Artist: Valerio Schiti

Jedi Venom is in a bar on Tattooine (not really) with a holoscreen showing some politiciain dropping his hat into the ring for President of Spartax. He overhears a guy boasting of his interactions on Earth and Flash seeks to return to Earth. His symbiote is becoming more powerful and he’s searching for help. He could control it more there. 

And forget Marshawn Lynch’s Beast Mode…Flash has him Venom Beast Mode. Pretty freaky.

Kitty Pryde and Peter Quill have a talk via BodyTime(read: Hologram). Drax tackles strange multi-eyed creatures with his bare hands. Gamora travels to Knowhere and actually happens upon Flash/Venom. Venom quickly decides “MUST ATTACK!” and goes at Gamora. Probably because the last we saw Flash all of the Guardians were talking bad about him and how they are charged with watching him closely by the Avengers. 

So he’s all pissed and turns into Moth/Bat-looking-Venom. There’s this brilliant panel that shows the symbiote coming off but still attached to Flash after Gamora shocks him with her staff. 

Rocket and the rest of the Guardians show up and he uses an alien “ghost trap” to capture the symbiote. The group decides they should head towards Earth and get Flash some much needed help. Rocket and Groot are working on a more stable containment unit for it but the “big pile of goo” gets out and we end with…”I AM VENOM!”

Awesome art in here. The way Valerio Schiti draws Venom is magnifico. I like the use of the symbiote as a cape and hood, and all of the various Venom power iterations are well done. I do think it’s weird that Gamora just shows up in a new outfit very much like her movie outfit.

I haven’t dealt so much with Venom outside of Guardians. I am eager to learn more about it and I like the whole Flash/Venom relationship.