(Belated) Comic Review: Cyclops #8-#9

Writer: John Layman; Art: Javier Garron; Colorist: Chris Sotomayor; Cover Artist: Alexander Lozano

The remainder of the  Starjammers get picked up by a merchant ship and find out an S.O.S. led their new captors to them. They may be in bindings for now but at least they’re alive, and that is all thanks to young Scott Summers.

He is stuck in a hard place on the ship Desolation as he falls for the captain’s daughter, Vileena, and encounters a bunch of Shi’ar en route to barter for something called the “Vortex.” I like reading these cosmic titles that are leading the roads to intersect on this Black Vortex.

After the Shi’ar are dealt with he’s attacked by fellow Desolationist, Zebble, and performs this unique feat to get out of harm’s way:


I’ve never seen the optic blasts ricochet like that before. Have you? The pirates land a huge weapon in the form of a Shi’ar Starcracker. It’s an ultimate weapon that can create a supernova and potentially blow up an entire solar system. Sounds fun! 

Scott gets the low down visiting his dad but is caught by Captain Malafect. He turns it around luckily and says he was trying to get information about the Vortex out of Corsair. This carries over to #9 as he “tortures” his dad for information. They work it into some training time, feeding time, medicine time and trust earning time, from most of the crew.  


He leads an expedition a buyer of the Starcracker and some energy resources. They’re ambushed by the Shi’ar looking to reacquire the weapon. Meanwhile, Chris Summers finds his way out from the pirate ship, runs into Scott as he retreats from the Shi’ar. Corsair is set on finally leaving the clutches of his captors. Cyclops goes along with his father but he’s hesitant. He cares about these pirates with whom he’s been plundering. Krater, Vileena and the others have grown on him and he’s deserting them when they are in danger.

There are only a few issues left in this title and I am anxious to see how everything is resolved, including the inevitable end to Scott and Vileena.

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