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(Belated) Comic Review: Cyclops #6 & #7

Writer: John Layman; Art: Javier Garrón; Colors: Chris Sotomayor

The new team is in place for this home stretch on Cyclops until it ends with #12. My first read from Previews on what they were going to do did not excite me. I read a couple reviews as well and they weren’t flattering either. But after actually reading these issues I think they are very much in the vein of what Greg Rucka established in the first issues of the series. 

Cyclops and Corsair are finally home on the Starjammer and “enjoying” a return to normalcy. But it’s not for long. They are apprehended by another pirate crew because of a Scott blunder. Then he joins the other crew, not by choice, but necessity so the Starjammers can persevere in this new situation. 

The art is definitely different from Russell Dauterman’s style, even Carmen Carnero. But it does hit the overall feel of their pages at times. I did like these two panels from 6 and 7. 

They are companions to each other in my opinion and echo a similar look and tone. They both deliver messages of acceptance. The first is when Scott the pirates his “disdain” for Corsair and is brought into their pirate. The second shows his search for acceptance and forgiveness by his father. He felt a little bit like a failure in not performing all of the tasks he was entrusted with which led to them getting captured by Captain Malafect. 

I want to point out as well the amazing covers Alexander Lozano has made for this entire series. There is always a place for specialists in the comic industry and Mr. Lozano’s covers are top notch. Always. 

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