(Belated) Comic Review: Cyclops #5

And so Carmen Carnero’s run on Cyclops has ended…and now the second penciler’s duties have ended. It’s a good job on the front of Marvel that the transition between Russell Dauterman and Carnero was very seamless. They’ve both really infused life and youthfulness into this title. It encapsulates the feel of the teenage Scott Summers and his adventures with his father.  

In issue #5, oaths are kept twofold, and Scott and Corsair finally get off of their deserted island planet. Last issue they reengaged their tracking beacon from bounty hunters and here they show up to collect. The first oath is with Master Travis, the lead hunter. His race, the Esthery, swear a fasting oath and cannot eat or drink until it is fulfilled. Savva helps her master achieve his oath and be able to eat, since he is near depravation at this point in his search. The second oath is that Savva also made an oath to Scott. He allowed her to capture himself and his dad so to fulfill the first oath. In turn, she promises to let them out so they can take over the ship.  

The favorite panel/page of the issue follows the oath’s fulfillment. It’s a great moment for a father and son, a leader and a follower, a student and a pupil. I’d almost print this page out real huge and stick it up on my wall. 

Lastly, an extra panel I thought you’d all enjoy. So good…so good.

Until next time guys, remember, belated ain’t bad. 

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