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(Belated) Comic Review: Batman #37-#38 (Endgame, Parts 3 & 4)

Writer: Scott Snyder; Pencils: Greg Capullo; Inks: Danny Miki; Colors: Fco Flascencia


Talk about creeping me out. This panel of the Joker emerging from underneath the bed recalled all of my fears of clowns. 

Things are bad in Gotham. The city is tearing itself apart and there seems little that Batman can do to save it. 

Then there’s the “revelation” that Joker could be centuries old. He’s created chaos in Gotham for years due to some substance more advanced than the Lazarus Pits of Ra’s al Ghul. 

It’s getting a little weird in Endgame but I trust in Snyder. Capullo’s art is top notch as always. I just have to mention it. It’s mandatory.

How will the game end? Until next time…