(Belated) Comic Review: Batman #34-36


End Game Parts 1 and 2 PLUS a One Off

Batman is my DC title of choice. After the disastrous Trinity War crossover, I gave up on Justice League of America, Justice League and Justice League Dark. After missed months, up and down art, and another weird crossover with World’s Finest, I gave up on Superman/Batman. I can’t quit you Batman. I just can’t. Snyder and Capullo won’t let me. They reel me in with the story, the art. It’s all top notch and 

In the first two issues of End Game they have started a web that i’m not sure Batman can get out of. Pretty sure he will, he’s the titular character and all but I’m positive he will not be the same. I have not had the pleasure of reading Death of the Family yet but I know that Robin doesn’t make it out alive. 

Will there be a casualty this time around? Joker says he ain’t playing around anymore and he’s grown bored with The Bat. Watch out everyone. 

The impact of Dr. Border’s big reveal had an impact on me and I only read this character in Batman #34. The fact that Joker has been in the depths of Gotham, in plain sight (with some help) is just nuts. Well, I guess it fits then since Joker’s a little nuts. 

Speaking of issue #34 that was a well done one off story. Batman torments a man who thinks he can operate outside of the Bat’s attention and kill people no one will miss. However, he does get his attention and he even gets placed in the Joker’s cell at Arkham because of it. He is notorious now. Come to think of it, Batman makes a joke when he’s talking to Dr; Border after this. Oh damn you Scott Snyder and you’re web of deceit!

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