(Belated) Comic Review: Angela #1-2

Main Writer: Kieron Gillen; Pencils: Phil Jimenez; Inks: Tom Palmer; Colors: Romulo Fajardo / Substory Writer: Marguerite Bennett & Kieron Gillen; Art: Stephanie Hans

“No matter what we angels want, we balance.”

I know it was just a few posts ago with Storm where I talked about the art of Stephanie Hans and that she should have more work. Well here it is. We see her utilized on covers again and in the flashback sequences providing details of her history. The information is needed. The first issue is a bit confusing at the beginning but then things become clearer as we progress through the pages.

Angela has a baby and is walking through a wasteland. Why does she have a baby? Angela…babies? Isn’t that like a sign of bad things to come? Anyway, the baby is payment for a debt. A debt with who? I believe the Queen of Heven, it’s still a little fuzzy. All I know is she made off with the baby of Freyja and Odin.

Wait, what? Yeah, I read that and it seemed really odd to me. My experience with these two is in the Thor title and 1) they do not get along one bit and 2) Freyja does not look anywhere close to being pregnant. I know she’s a god and all that jazz but it’s odd to see that much of a difference in the same universe.

The positives of the book is by far the art. The art, the art, the art. I really like that they used a different style artist for the flashbacks. The writing is done well, but like I said it’s a little confusing at times what all is going on. It’s just two issues so if by the end of this arc there’s still questions then there’s a problem. 

Well until next time…

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