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(Belated) Comic Review: All-New X-Men #37

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis; Artist and Colors: Mike Del Mundo; Additional Colors: Marco d’Alfonso


This issue could be seen as filler afer all of the adventures in the Ultimate universe we just experienced. But we see some tremendous personal development for Jean Grey through her on-the-job training in Madripoor, courtesy of Emma Frost. She has to take on the Blob, a MGH junkie, and he’s a lot bigger than the last time Jean saw him. The White Queen deprives her of her telepathy so she can further develop her telekenetic abilities. How can she do this? Well, it turns out she’s been working with the Stepford sisters to strengthen her abilities. Sneaky, sneaky lady. She is an unorthodox teacher but a good one.


Brian Michael Bendis’ development of this relationship has been a slow burn, but that’s the perfect way to deal with it. I wonder how it’s changed Emma outside in her dealings with others. The art from MIke Del Mundo is nice. It reminds me of what I’ve seen over in the Black Widow previews from Phil Noto, and the colors remind me of C.P. Smith’s work in Ten Grand.