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(Belated) Comic Review: All-New X-Men #34

Lost in time and space the original X-Men + X-23 try to find their way back together.

Jean and Miles Morales met up with the ultimate X-Men. The Jeans verify the identities of each other and the current situation in this wonderfully drawn two-pager:


It mirrors this issue #32 spread:


I’m glad Ultimate Storm still has an ultimate mohawk, but it has Iceman in shorts. Boo. Flash to young Iceman and he’s still melting on the surface in Hotlanta. I’m ecstatic that Iceman is in action of some form here in ANXM since that’s been lacking. It’s so much action though he ends up in police custody. 

Hank divulges all of the juicy details to Dr. Doom in Latveria. He lets some secrets out though (not his fault) and now Doom wants him for some purpose of his own now. 

The Jeans look to find the rest of the original X-Men while everyone else waits around:


Is what real Jean? You know, all of this Jean on Jean love/hate is cray cray at times. I hope they settle it down. Since I picked up comics again there’s been 1, 2, 3, maybe 4 or 5 Jean Greys. C’Mon guys. I know redheads are awesome and all and sorely lacking from the world, 5 of the same one?

Note: Strange that some of the covers for All-New X-Men have Cyclops on them. It’s just awkward since he’s not going to be in there because he’s still up in space.