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(Belated) Comic Review: All-New X-Men #33


I think this my favorite recent iteration of Bobby Drake. Kudos to Mahmud Asrar for this melting effect.

If they kept this look it would help show some evolution of young Bobby. We already see evidence he is learning from his new experiences with making ice hulks. I’m not sure of the creature he ends up fighting above the surface but he’s ginormous.

Laura and Warren meet up in Canada where Blonde-Wolverine has followed Angel. Are they in another dimension as well? Yup. Is Hank? Yup. He’s dreaming of Jean(ie) as well. He’s stuck in Latveria, with Victor…Van Damme? Oh Ultimate Universe.


We are then treated with a great college scene with Jean, Miles and his roommate, Ganke. Perfect tone here Mr. Bendis. You move from comedy to drama pretty quickly when Miles and Jean drive up to Westchester. They have a heartfelt conversation about Jean’s entire situation. They arrived upstate and are greeted by a darkened mansion and the Ultimate X-Men.