(Belated) Comic Review: All-New X-Men #32


Last issue Jean ended up in New York but it was not the NYC of her dimension. She’s in the Ultimates universe and has come face to face with the Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales. 

Status check:

  • Warren Worthington, III, Angel, is in the Savage Land with our first post-Wolverine sighting of a clawed male character. He knows Angel, but who is he?
  • Hank McCoy, Beast, is in Turkey? And he knows Turkish? But of course he does.
  • Laura Kinney, X-23, is sent to the middle of a football game? Marvel: Brought to you by Under Armour.
  • Bobby Drake, Iceman, is under attack inside the Earth by Mole Man and his…moles
  • Jean Grey, she of many codenames, meets up with Spider-Man in the Ultimates universe. 

This is my first exposure to Miles Morales in a story sense. I have heard of him and I thoroughly love his outfit but I’ve not read any titles with him. I like him.

We see Hank, Laura and Jean again. They are all in their own sort of peril. Hank was mistaken that he was in Turkey. Instead, he is in Doom country, Latveria. Laura is getting chased by the coppers since she’s a big, bad mutie. And Jean may be stuck in another dimension for quite some time. Oh boy!

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