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(Belated) Comic Review: All-New X-Factor #14


The open to issue #14 is quite possibly the best and funniest I’ve ever read.  This panel is just a taste of the first two pages. Here Lorna is just sitting there having some coffee and in walks Danger with such a simple request, in her mind at least. Her desire to engage in sex is not at all sexual but just an inquiry into experiencing this human “sensation.” 

If this stunning start to Polaris’s day wasn’t enough, she gets a friendly visit from her sister…half-sister…Wanda, the Scarlet Witch. They end up going to a Renaissance festival and Danger tags along, to which Lorna teases Wanda that she might just get “lucky” now.

Wanda ends up three sheets to the wind while a reenactor takes a scene too literally. After a man’s advances have been rejected and he’s been humiliated online, a “knight” takes the reenactment too far, attempting to burn a woman alive. The conflict is contained and the knight starts talking of his recent mockery. Polaris flings him into the air and lets him freefall. Lorna asks the woman if she wants him to be saved or die in an attempt to teach this woman a lesson. Her immediate reaction is for him to die. Then her humanity kicks in. She tells Lorna not to kill him. 

The real bombshell comes at the end of the issue. The girls go to a bar so Wanda can get over her alcohol induced headache. She finallly tells Lorna why she’s there and it’s to recruit Polaris for The Avengers. Interlaced into the conversation is a reflection on why conflict always follows them There’s also the slip that Havoc, Alex Summers, sent Quicksilver to join the team and spy on Lorna. And that’s where we end. 

I’m eager to read #15 and see what happens. The last couple issues have Pietro in a good place, owning up to his mistakes and taking responsibility for his actions. He and Lorna have gotten closer since issue #1. I really want to see if his early spying is unforgivable.

Until next time…