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(Belated) Comic Review: All-New X-Factor #13


All-New X-Factor is recovering from their press conference debacle. Harrison Snow would prefer the team get rid of Quicksilver due to the PR disaster he’s dealing with. Lorna would rather leave the team then force him out. Peter David continues his playful dialogue. The retorts from Polaris and Gambit when Harrison asks if there are anymore team secrets is wonderful. 

There’s even more epic interaction when Danger and Warlock get together. Two robots talking sex, one very matter of factly and the other like a 15 year old boy, is just great. 

Earlier, Luna convinced Georgia to go on a trip with her and her dad  to Colonial Williamsburg. This is my first interaction with Luna and I did not know she had the power to affect others’ emotions. I thought the sudden shift in attitude was odd but thought I was just not reading the words correctly. Pietro clarifies it for us the readers and imparts a fatherly lesson to Luna on mourning. I have enjoyed the growth of characters in this series. Pietro has especially moved forward as a character. He’s facing his issues and sins and no longer “running” away from them. He admitted wrongdoing with Fatale last issue. He’s trying to be a better parent to Luna, and he admits, this issue, he misled the Inhumans. What he hasn’t admitted to is initially spying on Lorna for Havok but that’s a whole other bag of worms. 

Pietro’s ex-wife Crystal show’s up, displeased with Luna for just leaving Attilan and perturbed that her ex-husband now knows that she has split with Ronan the Accuser. She acquiesces to Luna staying a little longer with Quicksilver. I think she senses somewhat of a change in him, a bit more genuineness and truth. 

Pop Mhan’s art flows nicely and looks consistent with Carmine Di Giandomenico’s style. It wasn’t distracting and stands out from the common Marvel look without looking odd. It’s not misplaced in the overall scheme of the series either, kinda like when Nick Bradshaw shows up for a few issues. 

I’m still sad that the series was cancelled. Peter David and the rest of the group deserve better. 

Until next time…