Batman/Superman #9 & World’s Finest #21 Review

First Contact, Parts 3 and 4

Jae Lee Magnificence

B/S: I. Love. Jae. Lee’s. Art. Behold the above. It’s different from everything else out on the market and provides a fresh perspective to the story. I enjoy the structure of Greg Pak’s writing and how we get the narration of the different characters when dialogue isn’t necessary. Everything flows and the art is allowed to stand on its own for visual storytelling.  

WF: I will say that this arc didn’t do much to make me an ongoing World’s Finest reader. Its nothing against the title, I’m just not familiar with the characters enough. I will say Huntress does intrigue me now. I mean, it’s Batman’s daughter. And she’s just as B.A. I enjoyed her kicking Power Girl to snap her out of a trance. This panel is my favorite of the issue How often do you see someone suplexed in comics? Through a portal? Never, that’s how often.

World's Finest #21

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