Teens Titans Go! Vs Teen Titans

I made a conscious decision during vacation to unplug from any sort of news or headlines. So now that I’m back in society, I have to point out something that will bring my kids and I joy. https://youtu.be/1XPG2xEEOmo Teen Titans Go!…to the Movies is a hit in our house with a soundtrack constantly on the […]

Valar Linguistics

Season 8 of Game of Thrones May have left a conflicted taste in your mouth, but we can all appreciate the details that went into creating the languages in the lands of Essos and Westeros. https://youtu.be/tkqYzh8o4G4 David Peterson, the elaborator of two phrases, created a full language for the show. He’s created languages since he […]

Infinity War Ending in Real Time

https://youtu.be/QbzMdT7hh4o Real time spanning across two movies. I always enjoy videos like this which provide a different perspective to what you already know. Sometimes with story telling folks get all confused about “Well, when ‘x’ was going on what was ‘so-and-so’ doing?” This video puts in all in perspective during the final moments of Avengers: […]

Designing an X

Newsarama editor Chris Arrant interviewed designer Tom Muller about his take on the classic X-Men logo for the two upcoming series, Powers of X and House of X. I love these deep dives into the details of comic production. The logo is a key item on a comic cover, and when it comes to creating […]

Redbox $.99 Rentals

Who can’t pass up a good deal? Or a good deal on entertainment? Redbox has “older” movies BACK IN THE BOX for just $.99 a night! It’s a pretty sweet deal for movie watchers and maybe it’ll push you over the decision making edge to see that movie you missed out on. You know the […]

Going the Extra Mile for Raving Fans

Jake Parker is an artist who creates value wherever possible. From his courses on SVS Learn to his YouTube videos to the 3 Point Perspective podcast, he preaches the doctrine of letting your art work for you on multiple levels. He practices what he preaches. He also goes the extra mile with details others may […]

Down in DC

The ladies were getting hair cuts this past Saturday so I took a few shots from the city. Plus we have lovely flowers and I listened to these guys talk Bat/Cat! Tom King and Clay Mann

I Should Have Asked That Question

My brother and I had another guest on the Amateur Dads podcast. All morning I’ve been kicking myself about questions I should have asked. Naturally I started analyzing why I didn’t ask these questions. I did a lot of research on our guest leading up to our discussion, listening to multiple podcasts and watching numerous […]

The Game of Thrones Rock

Game of Thrones has been a little…how do I say this…divisive this year. Just kidding. Everyone’s been losing their minds! But I think the one thing that still unites fans is it’s amazing theme song, composed by Ramin Djawadi. My brother shared this jam session recording of six guitarists, including co-creator of the series D.B. […]


There are many things that can remind you of somewhere you hold near and dear to your heart. One such place is the sound of the coquí, a frog native to the island of Puerto Rico. I was watching a terrible movie, Replicas, which said that it was taking place on the island. Knowing the […]

My Avengers: Endgame Experience

So today is the official release date of the latest Marvel Studios film, Avengers: Endgame. To say that it is a highly anticipated film would be an understatement. Today will be filled with reaction videos, reviews, speculation, praises and disappointments. I have my thoughts, but instead of diving into those I want to share my […]

Amateur Dads: John Saddington

My brother and I were honored to speak with Appa of three on the latest episode of the Amateur Dads podcast. It was a brilliant discussion between three dads recorded on a Friday night. I hope you enjoy, and stay awesome. https://anchor.fm/amateurdads/episodes/The-Talk–The-Snip–and-Some-Serious-F-U-D–featuring-John-Saddington—Amateur-Dads—Ep–1-e3lebo Just three dads chattin’ on a Friday night. Show Notes 00:00 Something is […]

Hominy Grill

Mmmmmm…Shrimp and Grits I found out this week that the Hominy Grilling Charleston , SC will be closing its doors at the end of the month. That’s sad news for myself and other patrons of this amazing restaurant. It’s my understanding the closing is the will of its owner. He’s going out how he wants […]

Todd McFarlane

If you create interesting ideas, then they’re just naturally going to draw people’s curiosity.Todd McFarlane According to Todd McFarlane, the conscious decision to be different helps you survive. https://youtu.be/9OYVYAUq9Ro?t=2745 Also his number rule when you’re stuck in a studio all by yourself telling stories for ten to twelve hours? I want to draw fun. I […]

Proud Transformers Moment: The Bumblebee Opening

The family watched Bumblebee this weekend, and the opening scene was a thing of glory. http://youtu.be/r3d525T-N3o As the scene progressed, the family shouted out names of Autobots and Decepticons. Ratchet! Arcee! Cliffjumper! Wheeljack! Optimus! Soundwave! Starscream! Shockwave! It’s such a small thing but it made me really happy. The movie was good. There was some […]

Now on Anchor

The Amateur Dads podcast is now on Anchor. What does that mean? I’m not quite sure. What I do know though is that the hosting is unlimited and free. The CTO and co-founder of Anchor, Nir Zicherman, shared his thoughts on “Why You Should Never Pay For Podcast Hosting” in a blog on Medium. Eventually […]