37.01.19: Detective Pikachu

I was never really a fan of Pokémon as a kid, but all I have to say is “¡pika pika!” after watching Detective Pikachu. I was 14 when the series first showed up in the states, and ending the first of my two years living in the Azores (Açores), Portugal. I could acknowledge though how…Read moreRead more

Stuff I Love: Metallica’s St. Anger Album

I was listening to a bunch of live performances from the Metallica YouTube channel and two songs popped up back-to-back…St. Anger’s Frantic and St. Anger.

37.01.05: WNBA2K

One of the only mobile games I play consistently is NBA2K Mobile. The news came out recently that the main console game is adding WNBA players. Of course, because “the internet” there were numerous detractors of this idea.