Stuff I Love: The Movie Trivia Schmoedown

In a world where two grown men combined the theatrics of wrestling with the knowledge of movie trivia comes the Movie Trivia Schmoedown. Do some of the competitors take it too seriously? Yes. Do some of them not take it seriously enough? Hell yes! What’s undeniable however is the dedication of all involved to deliver…Read moreRead more

There’s Work To Do and I’m Excited

I feel this anxiety everyday:

Stuff I Love: A Jake Parker Analogy (Which Is Always Good)

If you’ve followed this blog, you know that I have a great appreciation for Jake Parker and his reinvestment in the art community. But in this post I want to highlight something else Jake contributes: amazing analogies. He’s filled with them. The best example is the “Creative Bank Account.” In the most recent episode of…Read moreRead more

A Question to Consider Regarding Your Art Style and Work

Jake Parker, on what artists should consider regarding style when they are looking for work: Here’s the question to ask yourself: Do I want to get work from a particular industry? And if so, am I willing to change my style to fit what that industry wants? Or am I content on building my own…Read moreRead more

Colors of the Wind

For some odd reason, I’ve gravitated towards this song over the past few weeks. Total honesty, I don’t know why.

Teens Titans Go! Vs Teen Titans

I made a conscious decision during vacation to unplug from any sort of news or headlines. So now that I’m back in society, I have to point out something that will bring my kids and I joy.

Valar Linguistics

Season 8 of Game of Thrones May have left a conflicted taste in your mouth, but we can all appreciate the details that went into creating the languages in the lands of Essos and Westeros. David Peterson, the elaborator of two phrases, created a full language for the show. He’s created languages since he was…Read moreRead more

Designing an X

Newsarama editor Chris Arrant interviewed designer Tom Muller about his take on the classic X-Men logo for the two upcoming series, Powers of X and House of X. I love these deep dives into the details of comic production. The logo is a key item on a comic cover, and when it comes to creating…Read moreRead more

Redbox $.99 Rentals

Who can’t pass up a good deal? Or a good deal on entertainment? Redbox has “older” movies BACK IN THE BOX for just $.99 a night! It’s a pretty sweet deal for movie watchers and maybe it’ll push you over the decision making edge to see that movie you missed out on. You know the…Read moreRead more