Going the Extra Mile for Raving Fans

Jake Parker is an artist who creates value wherever possible. From his courses on SVS Learn to his YouTube videos to the 3 Point Perspective podcast, he preaches the doctrine of letting your art work for you on multiple levels. He practices what he preaches.

Amateur Dads: Jason Inman

The military has fathered many a superhero and villain in the comic book industry, and this week we discuss its impact with Jason Inman, author of the new book Super Soldiers: A Salute to the Comic Book Heroes and Villains Who Fought for Their Country.

Down in DC

The ladies were getting hair cuts this past Saturday so I took a few shots from the city as I walked around with the boys. Later on we stopped in Tyson’s for some comic goodness and a discussion with a Batman creative team!

I Should Have Asked That Question

My brother and I had another guest on the Amateur Dads podcast. All morning I’ve been kicking myself about questions I should have asked. Naturally I started analyzing why I didn’t ask these questions.