Now on Anchor

The Amateur Dads podcast is now on Anchor. What does that mean? I’m not quite sure.

Comics DNA

Twitter was bombarded in mid-February by #comicsDNA, and it was all Alex Segura’s fault when he tweeted:

Why I Participate in Art Challenges

A new art challenge pops up on Twitter seemingly every day. March of Robots, Mermay. Inktober. Slow-vember. In reality, there are only a few quality challenges created with the truest intentions.

NBA 18-19

I haven’t watched this much NBA in years, and I’m enjoying it a lot. It’s refreshing to see teams like Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and Denver doing well. As a Lakers fan, I’m disappointed in this season. There has been drama, but I like some of the young players they have on the roster.

“Searching|” Gave Me Anxiety

My wife and I have watched quite a few movies so far this year, and the other night we saw perhaps the best one yet: Searching. The movie is a very original take on the thriller. We experience the story through a completely digital perspective. The directors used aspects of Windows and Apple operating systems…Read moreRead more

My Second Six Year Old

My daughter celebrated her birthday recently, and it’s just amazing how time flies. Not too long ago she hadn’t even started preschool. By the end of this year she’ll be in first grade.

Portfolio Exercises

Nate Cosby (@NateCosBOOM) periodically sends out tweets like this one: