Inktober Approaches

Every year during October, artists from all over the world participate in a pen and ink drawings challenge called Inktober. The hashtag was created by cartoonist and internet inspiration Jake Parker and garners more participation each and every year. The rules are simple: Make a drawing in ink Post it online Hashtag it with #INKTOBER…Read moreRead more

Pick Me Up

Sometimes the right lyrics can do us some good. If you are feeling uninspired or down, perhaps these will lift you up as the week begins. Happy Monday to all of you. I now present “My Champion” by Alter Bridge:


I built something. It took a long time. It was worth it though. Have you ever made a cabinet? What about one with drawers? Have you even made a drawer? Do you even make things? My answer was “No” to three of these questions. But since I take pride in creating anything from scratch, be…Read moreRead more

The Conroy Batman

Kevin Conroy is the true voice of Batman if you were a watcher of the 90’s Batman: The Animated Series or any of the many DC Animated films. He’s so much my Batman that it is his voice I hear when reading the character. The video below is from the Nerdist YouTube channel promoting Rob…Read moreRead more

Baby Driver

We were able to visit the movies earlier this week and experienced the great movie by Edgar Wright called “Baby Driver.” Here’s a trailer to give you the gist of the movie: It has a tremendously eclectic soundtrack. I even saw an article which debated whether the soundtrack was formed around the movie or vice…Read moreRead more

Martin and King

It’s just an all around inspirational watch seeing two literary masters discuss story, inspiration, and Misery. They also discuss the Mr. Mercedes series, A Song of Ice and Fire, decapitated heads, the nature of evil, and SPOILERS!