Amateur Dads: Podcast Premiere Coming Soon

We’re working on a format issue but my brother and I are so close to getting our first podcast up. It may be on SoundCloud or I may upload to YouTube with visuals. Or it could be both. We’ll let you know. 

Creative Contributions to Society

The morning after the Oscars C-SPAN Washington Journal asked callers/commenters, “What is Hollywood’s influence on politics?” Now I’m not going to dive into politics in this post. The call-ins raised a whole other issue for me more important than political/issue statements made during acceptance speeches. But an enthusiastic caller denounced the actions of Oscar recipients…Read moreRead more

Twitter: You’ve Changed

Twitter’s new look took flight the other day to the praise and condemnation, of it’s users. Comments covered the spectrum of criticism with any software update, but this one pretty much summed it all up:  My Twitter turned round overnight. I'd have preferred the ability to edit. — Greg Capullo (@GregCapullo) June 17, 2017

Wonder Woman Theme

I know, I know. Another Wonder Woman post. But this one isn’t about the movie. Well not any of the visual elements of the movie. This is about the (soon to be/already) infamous theme for Diana, Princess of Themyscira originally titled “Is She With You?” on the Batman v. Superman soundtrack.

Star Wars

I was going through my old photos and found these gems from the Star Wars area at Hollywood Studios. Models, costumes, and blown up concept art! Even legit costumes that you can buy (for a price).

Wonder Woman

Here is the latest sketch and review for Wonder Woman. My brother Keith and I discuss the movie with no spoilers: I’ve seen it, he hasn’t. An artists note: I find Diana hard to draw from scratch. I don’t know what it is, maybe the tiara.  The audio is an excerpt from the Amateur Dads…Read moreRead more

A Story In Cloth

Love this behind the scenes from Game of Thrones season 7: Season starts mid-July, not so far away.

Wonder Woman, The Making of

The family went and saw Wonder Woman last weekend. I have another sketch and review coming on what I thought about it. In the meantime, please enjoy this Extended Featurette. [FOOD FOR THOUGHT: It’s very interesting the thumbnail of this video makes it look like Wonder Woman is bound by the lightning. (If you’ve posted to…Read moreRead more

Kid-Friendly Wonder Woman

I’ve been searching for some backup on my decision to take my kids to see Wonder Woman this weekend and this article helped a lot. To hear straight from the director Patty Jenkins that she had little girls in mind is such a sigh of relief.