Tools of Titans: Chris Sacca

If there’s one thing I’ve taken away from this chapter AND my dad is don’t be afraid to ask. Don’t mind asking the “dumb” questions. Because you might think the answer is foretold or obvious but you might be surprised to hear the answer itself or where the answer may lead.

Tools of Titans: Amelia Boone

No one owes you anything The first chapter of section “Healthy” brings us Amelia Boone, an avid obstacle course racer. I ran a Warrior Dash once a few years ago. It was a fun time but nothing I would consider consistently participating in. The appeal of these higher end, more difficult races like the Spartans…Read moreRead more

Tools of Titans: Read This First-How to Use This Book

You see the title of this section. You read the title of this section. But truly, for the love of Pete, read this section first because you learn how to use this book. You learn how to change your mindset and alter your approach so you can get the most out of this monstrous book (600+…Read moreRead more

Creating and Executing Against Experiments

John discussed today in the vlog how he goes about starting new creative projects. As someone who has multiple projects/products in their infant stages, I took notes. Show Notes: How to Start a New Project

Tools of Titans: The Beginning

It’s funny how my reading of the Foreword automatically changed once I saw the word “Governator.” I’m starting Tim Ferriss’ book and the first words I read are from Arnold Schwarzenegger. OK…OK… I am not a self-made man.

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss

Recently John Saddington (via his SF Vlog) started a virtual book club of Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss. I had not heard of this book or author at all. Apparently, Tim Ferriss has been a “Most Innovative Business [person]” according to Fast Company? Maybe I’m too much in my own bubble. Anyway, Tim has a…Read moreRead more

February: “Couples of Fiction” Series

Hey everybody. As we all know, February is the month of “love.” It’s the month we can appreciate those in our lives. So as a cool series I decided to draw and ink a “Couples of Fiction” series. It’s starting with a comic book characters, but who knows where it will lead. You can follow…Read moreRead more

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February is for lovers: Black Canary and Green Arrow. Dinah Lance and Oliver Queen.

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First of the famous couples of February: Black Canary and Green Arrow